The inspiration behind something specials Mr Tumble

There was a lot of excitement in the This Morning studio on Wednesday morning, as Mr Tumble made his appearance on the popular morning television show. Justin Fletcher, the man behind Mr Tumble

Mr Tumble joined Philip and Amanda and he let everyonknow that Philip was his source of inspiration. Watching Philip gave Justin the push to put together a showreel of his own and just three weeks later Justin managed to secure his first job in children’s television.

Mr Tumble is loved by toddlers and parents. He entertains and educates youngsters through his television shows, including Something Special, and has a popular stage show that takes him all over the country. One of the reasons Mr Tumble stands out is thanks to his use of the sign language, Makaton, throughout his shows. The symbols and signs of Makaton support speech and helps children and adults to communicate together. Makaton is repeated frequently to help the children learn as they are entertained with games, songs and different activities, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Justin Fletcher has won BAFTAs and an MBE and continues to be loved by all his fans and their parents too. If you love Mr Tumble remember we have plenty of Something Special toys available, that support learning in toddlers and are as loveable and huggable as Mr Tumble himself.